How did this start

It all began in COVID-19 lockdown when most days began with the ever important question of "what am I going to eat today?"

I spent my spare time cooking the most drool-worthy dishes with ma (who is THE flavour queen) inspired by our fave online vegan bloggers. It seriously kept me sane during that time and I will forever cherish those memories.

I found that sauces were THE flavour heart of most recipes we made. You know, as much as I love a good store-bought mac & cheese or spruced up tomato sauce, I felt there was so much more plants could do that wasn't available on shelves. So, I went especially nuts on the sauce train and soon my blood type was 98% sauce.

Eventually, lockdown was over!

But with the world moving on again, I no longer had time to prepare indulgent sauces on the daily. Although I loved it, I spent hours obtaining that homemade "face plant-worthy' quality of sauce. Because, when a recipe says 20 minutes, it really meant an hour cause this gal ain't a speedy chopper of onion and garlic.

I really wanted those same unique flavours, lip-smacking aromas and that comforting homemade feeling minus all the effort, shopping lists and inevitable wastage to make it.

Right there, a lightbulb moment. What if I could pack all those natural ingredients into a long-lasting product so that whenever I craved a hearty meal, I could scoop some out and have the same decadent sauce in minutes?

Since you're on my website, safe to say, it ended up happening.