• Gourmet sauces in two minutes. Plant-based. No waste. No fuss.

    After hundreds of auditions, meet the saucy cast of season one.

  • Just add one ingredient.

  • ★★★★★

    "These products are becoming a game changer at home. So much so, the phrase 'shall we Sit Seasons it tonight then?' is becoming a common phrase in my kitchen now."

    The Family Man
  • ★★★★★

    "The pumpkin pasta is like Gigis Balmain level for me. Their Cacio e Peppe is legendary and this dish feels like it belongs on the menu there."

    The Humble Vegetarian
  • ★★★★★

    "Even though it took two minutes to make, it tastes like it took two hours. One of the best pastas ever. It can actually compete with the best meat and dairy-rich sauces I have had and I do not say that lightly!"

    The Hungry Carnivore
  • ★★★★★

    "I've never received so many compliments for my cooking after using Sit Seasons. This curry I made was out of this world and my family were devouring it. We are all so impressed!"

    The Flexi Foodie
  • ★★★★★

    "It's been years since I bought a packet sauce but you've converted me. These are far more versatile than expected, ridiculously simple, jam packed with flavour and I am pretty sure scientifically impossible considering how quick to make they are."

    The Active Vegan

Made to impress the pickiest (don’t worry you can take the credit)

Greetings! Fancy seeing you lurking around here.

We've got the funkiest seasonings that are a sure-fire pantry staple once you've had a chance to get acquainted.

Well, they aren't your typical seasonings. We've called them 'sauce starters' cause they transform into the dreamiest vegan sauces for the ultimate pastas, curries, bakes, anything!

Just add ONE pantry ingredient and the sauce comes to life in TWO MINUTES. They allow anyone to create luxe homemade sauces for a fraction of the effort and cost.

Yep, we're bored of seeing the same old plasticy mac n cheese powders when plants can do so much more!

By @huntdblog

Four reasons why Sit Seasons is a GAME CHANGER


Create Different sauces with ONE product

Just add coconut milk to create a show-stopping creamy sauce for pastas, curries, bakes, anything! Or use olive oil for a punchy pesto or marinade.


Restaurant-quality in minutes

No more long shopping lists, chopping, blending and/or slow-cooking to get that gourmet richness.


Nutritious & allergy-friendly

Made from 100% plant-based ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives. Plus, they're all high in protein and fibre. Did I mention they're gluten and nut free too?


No more binning half-used sauce bottles

It's painful, I know. They sit in the fridge and go bad before you've had a chance to re-use it! With our products, just scoop out what you need and seal the rest as they've got a long shelf life.

On set of episode one!

Lemon meets mint is the dark horse of pilot eps! Zesty in drama, sharp in witty comedy and by the end, you'll be wanting so much more. Don't underestimate Ms. Lemon. She's got a unique flavour that's so moreish, you'll be deliriously laughing at how good it is. Perfect for decadent vegan pastas, casseroles, salads and more.

A Note from the Producer

Hello saucy one, I'm so grateful to have you here!

Whether it's your first or 10th rewatch, I hope you're loving this season.

Everything we make will always be 100% vegan, sustainable and with bags of flavour.

My whole world changed when I switched to a vegan lifestyle for the animals we share this planet with. Oh and the actual planet too. I don't know about you, but I'd love a liveable one in the coming decades!

Whether you're already there, on the journey or just curious, Sit Seasons can show you just how delightful, fun and easy it is to cook epic meals with plants.

Sit back, relax and tune into the latest episodes today.

Handmade in Australia

Our products are handmade with love right here in Australia.

We are an Australian owned and operated business on a mission to make gourmet plant-based cooking ridiculously easy for anyone, for the sake of 70 billion farmed animals and the planet.

Remember to snap a pic or vid of your saucy plant-based adventure using #seasonofsauce for your chance to win our monthly giveaway!


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

We help you make dreamy sauces that are yum enough to be served at any nice restaurant! Sauces in all shapes and forms are at the flavour heart of dishes. Pasta sauces, curries, marinades, broths, soups, spreads, you name it. If they ain’t done right, the dish would kinda flop. Use our products instead to create restaurant-quality meals at home without all the effort!

Not only is eating plant-based better for you, but it’s way better for the planet and the animals we share it with. Talk about a triple threat. Whether you’re already there, simply curious or on the journey, our sauce starters bring all the flavour you need to create show-stopping meals at home (in just minutes).

You bet! Our products are 100% plant-based, low in fat and sugar, but packed with protein and fibre. You don't see that much. Fibre is the superhero of nutrients for a healthy digestive system and 90% of people barely consume enough! It’s a rare find in traditional store-bought sauces but we’ve made it happen. We’ve also hand-picked our ingredients from the highest quality native sources to ensure you get to enjoy the most decadent, guilt-free sauces.

Absolutely! The possibilities are truly endless. From dreamy Summer Lemon pastas, Thai pumpkin curries or Cajun-style smoky spicy enchiladas, our products have been designed to transcend cuisines through unique flavours that’ll serve any mood.

Plant-Based Sauces Online

Being a vegan doesn't have to mean giving up on all your favourite meals that require a sauce.


Several plant-based sauces online come close to giving your taste buds the same delicious taste of fresh ingredients but none like our gourmet cooking sauces!

Vegan Sauces Like No Other

Do you find yourself dissatisfied with vegan seasonings that contain non-plant ingredients? Do you aspire to create gourmet-style dipping sauces that are entirely plant-based? Look no further, because we have the solution to crafting the ultimate vegan sauce.

Our gourmet sauce delivers all the robust flavors you crave without any animal products. Even though it's gluten-free, our seasoning blend can add delectable depth to your tomato sauce, green curry paste, and soy sauce. With our plant-based seasonings, you can elevate your cooking game, from enhancing flavor profiles to adding a touch of spice.

Buy our plant-based sauces today!

Vegan without Stress

Tired of the stressful process of sourcing vegetables, cayenne pepper, white wine vinegar, and sour cream, among other ingredients, for vegan cooking? It might even be the cooking process you don't enjoy.

With our gourmet sauce packets, you only need to add coconut milk, and voila! — your rich, creamy sauce is ready. Why not add olive oil and have a nice pesto or marinade? You can also use our gourmet sauce for your green curry paste, garlic aioli, stir-fries, or massaman curry paste.

Nutritious Gourmet Seasonings

Our spices contain all the nutrients found in your veggies, providing a nutritious addition to your meals without the hassle of visiting a farmer's market. With this in mind, you can confidently experiment with vegan recipes, knowing that our spices will deliver a healthy boost to your dish.

Go organic with our gourmet sauces in Australia!

Convenient Packaging

Unlike many gourmet sauces online, we think of your convenience beyond what goes into the sauce. Our seasonings come in simple, easy-to-use packaging.

Enjoy convenience with our sauce starters!

Different Flavours for You

Don't settle for monotonous salads and recipes just because you follow a vegan diet. Our three distinctive flavors allow you to infuse variety into your meals effortlessly.

Take advantage of our gourmet sauce company's incredible discounts, and switch things up with our tantalising flavors. Don't wait until the regular price kicks in; buy now to enjoy the best value for your money.

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